FG2C Student Organization

Joining the First Generation to College Student Organization is a great way to get connected with others and get involved in outreach events.

Mission Statement

The First Generation to College Organization (FG2C) at UC San Francisco believes that access to education and opportunity should not be limited by socioeconomic circumstances potentially reflected in parental educational attainment levels. We believe that showing the way toward academic and professional success for first generation to college students through mentoring and professional development is imperative to ensure that our academic community remains inclusive, vibrant, strong and diverse. We hope to create a supportive community of first generation students, faculty, and staff at UCSF.  Community outreach is very important to us, as we understand what it is like to navigate from high school to college without strong parental guidance and role models. Join us in showing the way through the maze of academia to other aspiring first generation college students!

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