Student Staff

Monneca Rim

Monneca Rim (Student Worker, Administration)
School of Dentisty, Class of 2027
[email protected]

Growing up as a first-gen college student, I had to navigate through most of my academic journey blindly and alone. I found out about the FG2C community late in my academic journey. Now I cannot imagine ever going through school without the invaluable support of the first-gen community. Being first-gen to me means having the opportunity to help pave pathways for others in our community. It also allows me to pursue my passion for teaching and mentoring. If you ever need someone to chat with or have any questions at all, please DO NOT hesitate to reach out to me! 



Student Ambassadors

Kevin Dinh

Kevin Dinh
Physical Therapy, Class of 2025
[email protected] 

As a first-generation student, I’ve had to overcome many of the struggles familiar to my fellow FG2C peers while trying to navigate higher education. However, through all the obstacles, it was only possible with the support from family and friends, teachers and mentors, and communities like First-Gen, who believed in me during times when I did not. To me, being first-gen means that though our journeys have endured unique challenges, we were still able to forge a path to our current successes and help pave the way for others in our communities. I’m very grateful to be part of the first-gen community here at UCSF and look forward to reciprocating all the guidance I’ve received so that I can be a resource for you! Know that you are not and never are alone, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or if you’d just like to chat!  


Dylan Holder

Dylan Holder (he/him)
School of Dentistry, Class of 2027
[email protected]

As a first-generation college student, I have had to navigate my academic and professional aspirations without the guidance and insights that come from familial experience. During my time in undergrad, I organized a mentorship program with local high school students who would be the first in their families to pursue higher education. I am passionate about first-gen mentorship and love doing my part to support the dedicated first-gen community, so I am always available to offer advice, share resources, and provide encouragement. I am incredibly proud of this identity and how it has shaped me throughout my academic journey!



Gary Singh

Gurbinder Singh
School of Medicine, Class of 2025
[email protected]

Being a first-generation student is daunting because you often feel out of place, or don't always know the ideal path. I understand these challenges, and I realized that having a supportive community is immensely helpful for academic guidance, career opportunities, or even simply talking with someone who shares a similar background. My name is Gurbinder (Gary), and I am interested in being a first-gen ambassador because I wish to make myself available to anyone who might feel like they want to talk about medical school, research, motorcycles/cars (!), and everything in between.


Chelsey Souza

Chelsey Souza (she/her/they)
School of Pharmacy, Class of 2025
[email protected]

Hello! I'm Chelsey, a second-year pharmacy student and First-Generation Student Ambassador. I'm passionate about healthcare and understand the challenges of being a first-gen student. I'm here to support and empower fellow students, sharing my experiences and providing guidance along the way. Let's make this year remarkable for all first-gen students!



Chynna Swift

Chynna Swift (she/her)
School of Medicine, Class of 2026
[email protected]

As a first-generation student, it has truly taken a village to help facilitate my success. Every achievement feels just as much my parents’ and my grandparents’ as it is mine, as I would not be where I am today without their unwavering love, support, and sacrifices. However, being first-gen and navigating higher education can also feel like a big, lonely puzzle as we figure out our place, where we belong, and what we “should” be doing to succeed. I am immensely grateful for the community of students I have found at UCSF FG2C who share similar experiences and allow me to feel seen, and hopefully you’ll decide to join that community, too! I’m happy to chat any time virtually or in-person if you’d like to talk about first-gen experiences. Please reach out and know that you are not alone!


Oscar Yip

Oscar Yip
Graduate Division - BMS, Class of 2026
[email protected]

As a first-generation student, I have found that having a supportive network of peers and mentors that understand my upbringing is an important factor to my wellbeing. Having a community that faces some of the same obstacles and share many of the same values is reassuring in many ways, not to mention a great space for meeting many wonderful, inspiring people. I am glad to have found the FG2C community here at UCSF, especially during the challenging (and rewarding) time of pursuing a graduate degree, and am excited to be part of a group that embodies hard work and resilience! I am happy to be a resource – please reach out if you’d like to chat.