Welcome UCSF alumni!  You will always be a part of our community.


We have heard time and time again from successful first gens at UCSF that one of the most significant factors in navigating through their degree programs was having good mentorship. This is particularly salient in graduate/professional school where students are socialized in the implicit culture of their profession.

We are looking for UCSF alumni who understand the value of mentorship in academic and professional development and are interested in mentoring our first generation college students.  If you are interested in learning more about mentoring opportunities, please contact us or register as a mentor.

Are you a UCSF alumnus who is of the first generation in your family to graduate from college?

Be recognized for your unique accomplishment as an academic pioneer and let our first generation college students know what is possible. We would love to include you in our "I Am First Gen" alumni list, which brings visibility to the UCSF first generation college community.

Please join us by simply completing our I Am First Gen form today.

(Photo above is of Professor Jody Baron, MD, PhD (left), with Audra Johnson, PhD, a UCSF postdoc alumna. Photo by Susan Merrell.)