Student Support Resources

Did you know that in the history of higher education, students fought for the kinds of support services that are common place in universities today? They did so because they understood how our academic goals cannot be realized without support in areas such as financial aid, personal counseling, learning skills and career development.

Here are a few of the free resources available at UCSF that every student should know about:

Office of Career and Professional Development
Need to figure out how to build your resume?  Not sure how to approach potential mentors in a professional context?  Wondering what you should be focusing on next in your career development? Curious about what job opportunities await you after you get your degree? The Office of Career and Professional Development is a great resource to learn about all of these topics and more. Check out their office and library at both Parnassus and Mission Bay!

Learning Resource Services
Students often find that the learning strategies that helped them through their undergraduate years aren't necessarily working at the graduate/professional level. Learning Resource Services can help you develop new or enhance existing strategies for learning and test taking. Peggy Ryan is point person for students in the Graduate Division, Physical Therapy Program, and the schools of dentistry and nursing. Susan Whitlow is the point person for students in the schools of medicine and pharmacy. To schedule a consultation, email Peggy or Susan directly or call (415) 502-1408.

Student Health and Counseling
Graduate/professional school can be stressful and life doesn't stop just because you're going through your degree programs. UCSF's Student Health and Counseling Services provides a safe and confidential place to discuss concerns related to your personal life, academic experience and professional development.  They have offices at both Parnassus and Mission Bay and students are eligible for 10 free counseling sessions per academic year. They also offer free educational and wellness programs, as well as group support

Student Financial Aid
You may have already discovered this office for the financial aid they offer.  But did you know they also offer information about debt management?

Student Success
There are many services, resources, student organizations, events and opportunities on campus.  UCSF Student Success website serves as a gateway to a variety of information that is of interest to students.