Proud To Be FG2C

Are you Proud To Be FG2C?

Being F.irst G.eneration 2 C.ollege (FG2C) means having the courage, sense of adventure and resiliency to venture into unknown worlds to realize your dreams.  We think this is something to be proud of, so we're offering all UCSF FG2C students, faculty, residents, postdocs and fellows the 'Proud To Be FG2C' lapel pin to wear or otherwise display as a symbol of the accomplishment of being an academic pioneer and making that accomplishment visible for others to see. 

Many students have commented on how much it means to see others with their pin in classes, labs, clinics, rotations and graduation ceremonies and knowing that you're not alone here. 

So, be on the look out for the "Proud To Be FG2C" lapel pin. And, if you don't already have yours, please contact our office!