Prep School Negro Film Screening

Feb 6, 2014, 5pm, Cole Hall


André Robert Lee and his sister grew up in the ghettos of Philadelphia. Their mother struggled to support them by putting strings in the waistbands of track pants and swimsuits in a local factory. When Andre was 14 years old, he received what his family believed to be a golden ticket – a full scholarship to attend one of the most prestigious prep schools in the country.  Elite education was Andre’s way up and out, but at what price?  Yes, the exorbitant tuition was covered, but this new world cost him and his family much more than anyone could have anticipated....

Join us for the screening of The Prep School Negro followed by Q&A with director Andre Robert Lee.

This event is open to the entire UCSF community.

Free food and gift bags for the first 100 audience members!