Past Events: 2012-2013


Community Ice Cream Social @ Mission Bay

The first gen community and allies came together at Mission Bay for ice-cream and connection.
May 17, 3-4pm

Exploring Belonging In Our Professional Homes

This informative workshop offered by Stanfurd University's Ron Garcia, PhD and Tommy Woon (Director of Diversity and First Gen Programs) to help students explore the topic of developing a sense of belonging in a professional context.

April 18, 6-8pm

Take a Breather:  Mindfulness For Success

One of the secrets of success is stress management. Mindfulness has scientific support as a means to reduce stress, improve attention, and promote a general sense of health and well-being.  [Read FG2C pharmacy student Oliver Ubeda's Synapse article about his experience with mindfulness.]
These guided mindfulness meditation sessions were offered to students of all levels of experience.

Every Wednesday in February, 12:10-12:50pm


Where Do I Fit?  Being First Generation College At UCSF

This informal discussion group for first generation college students provided an opportunity for students to share experiences and learn to survive and thrive at UCSF.

Feb 13, 5-6:30pm


First Generation College Community Reception

UCSF first generation college faculty, residents, postdocs, fellows and alumni interacted with FG2C students at this community reception. Welcome remarks were offered by wonderful first gen-ers: Vice Chancellor Joseph I. Castro and Director of Health, Barbara Garcia from the SF Dept. of Public Health. 

Jan 30, 5-7pm


Getting the Most Out of Networking Opportunities

Naledi Saul (from the Office of Career and Professional Development) presented an engaging and interactive  networking skills workshop including hands on exercises that could be used at the upcoming first generation community reception and for the rest of one's schooling/career!  Here is the handout from this workshop.
Jan 16, 12-1pm

Choosing a Thesis Lab Panel Discussion

First year students attended a panel discussion by experienced students (including FG2C students).  Students shared what they thought was important in the process of choosing a thesis lab.

Dec 6, 12-1:30pm


When Smart People Feel Like Imposters

Ever worry that you got here by chance and don't really belong here? You are not alone. Don't let this debilitating belief stop you from achieving your dreams! We hosted a group viewing and discussion (geared towards FG2C and Students of Color) of this webinar by Dr. Valerie Young. (Download Recording of Webinar).

Nov 14, 5-7pm


National Health Service Corp Information Session

In information session for students Interested in working with underserved populations. Information about loan repayment program, the student scholarship program, and career opportunities for dentists, primary care physicians, and nurse practitioners in community clinics was provided.

Nov 7, 12-1pm


FG2C Welcome (back) Dinner

UCSF first gen to college students were invited to attend this informal gathering to say hello, have some food, and (re)connect with fellow first gen students.

Oct 3, 5-6:30pm


Chancellor's Reception and New Student Orientation Fair

We met the newest members of our FG2C community at the new student fair.