You can't really tell whether someone is first generation college by looking at them. This can lead first generation college students to wonder if they are the only ones here and whether there are others at UCSF who understand what it means to come from this background.  First Generation Support Services aims to bring visibility to this otherwise invisible community at UCSF.  Here are a few examples of our programming in this area:

Proud To Be FG2C

This program offers our "Proud To Be FG2C" lapel pins to all UCSF First Generation 2 College students, faculty, residents, postdocs, and fellows who are enouraged to wear or display them as a symbol of their accomplishment as academic pioneers. Please contact our office to request a lapel pin.

I Am First Gen

This program aims to identify and make visible the many wonderful students, faculty, postdocs, fellows, residents and alumni at UCSF who identify as being from a first generation background.  Please contact our office to learn more about this program.