We have heard time and time again from successful first generation college professionals how important mentorship has been to them. This is particularly salient in graduate/professional school where students are socialized in the implicit culture of their profession. First Generation Support Services has created a variety of opportunities for students to interact with and learn from mentors who share their background as first generation college.

Below are some examples of programs we have offered:

UCSF First Generation Community Reception
This event brings together the UCSF first generation college community and includes interactive exercises to help students connect with first generation college faculty, residents, postdocs, fellows and alumni.

How Did They Do It? 
A panel presentation where first generation faculty and postdocs from the various schools at UCSF shared their experiences about what helped them successfully navigate through their health science degree programs.

Brown Bag Mentoring Lunch Program
This program offered students an opportunity to meet individually or in small groups with first generation college faculty, residents and postdocs to develop mentoring relationships.

For additional information on mentorship or any past or upcoming programs, please contact our office